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Genre: Romantic Comedy

Logline: A rodeo clown has an identity crisis as he tries to win the heart of a cowgirl.

NYC Midnight Screenwriters ChallengeI wrote this in one week for round 2 of the NYC Midnight Screenwriter’s Challenge (2013).  The writers in my heat had three days to write a romantic comedy short about a cooking competition, featuring a clown as one of the characters.

Romcom. Ugh…

My favorite romantic comedy of all time? Shaun of the Dead, hands-down. I’ve had some success with romcom in the past (check out Nobody’s Perfect), but my heart just wasn’t in it this weekend. As luck would have it, the Columbus 48 Hour Film Project and round 2 of the NYC Midnight Screenwriter’s Challenge fell on the same weekend.

I LOVE writing. Absolutely love it. But when it comes to priorities, writing for production trumps writing for a contest.

The short we wrote for the 48? Holy criminy, am I in love with those 4 pages. (Keep an eye out for a post to that script, along with the finished short, very soon). The short I wrote in the same timespan for NYC Midnight? Let’s just say it’s not one of my favorites.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a solid early draft. I think another pass or two at this script and I could have a rocking little romcom that might appeal to audiences in the southwestern US. (Any Texan filmmakers reading this? If so, drop me a line.)

I’m admittedly not a romcom fan, though, so who am I to judge. Give it a read and judge for yourself.

Download screenplay: Hot Stuff


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